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How To Link Instagram To Facebook
if you want your Instagram photos to be automatically posted to your Facebook account, there are a few steps you need to take.

 If you are on an iPhone, or iPad you need to first go to your profile, and then click the gear icon. After that you tapped the ‘Linked Accounts’ button and then tap Facebook, and enter your account details.

For Android you need to follow some similar steps. First you need to go to your profile and click the 3 vertical dots icon. Second, you need to click the ‘Linked Accounts’ button.

Finally, tap ‘Facebook’ and enter your account info.After you do this, your Instagram photos will automatically be posted to your Facebook page. 

This can save a bunch of time because you don’t need to make each post twice. If you know someone who has enabled this, but you want to see more of their photos than just the ones on their Facebook page, then you would check out INSTA PRIVATE VIEW. 

  • PrivateInsta is a completely free site that allows you to view private Instagram accounts. 

Hopefully in reading this you have successfully learned how to link your Facebook and Instagram accounts together. 

If you have any questions contact Instagram support and they will help you with any problems you may have.